Bexhill Harmony Choir

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Our Ethos

Bexhill Harmony singers believe that singing is fun and good for your health.

Our style is unaccompanied two-part harmony singing and no auditions or ability to read music are required - just a love of singing in a group is needed.

"Singing is good for you:

  • enhances mental awareness, concentration and memory
  • releases endorphins that make you happy and helps alleviate anxiety
  • improves your heart rate and circulation
  • helps you sleep, boosts your immune system and confidence
  • exercises major muscles in the upper body, thus increases strength, even when sitting"

(Professor Graham Welch, Chair of Music Education at the University of London)

our musical director

Our Musical Director is Edna Akam (Pictured right).                                                             

Edna has taught music for over 40 years, some of that time in West Sussex, but mostly in East Sussex. She teaches cello and double bass in Hastings and Rother.

At one time, she even managed to fit in directing a ladies choir in Worthing, as well as various school and music centre choirs too, participating in music festivals and concerts                                 

the singers

First Sopranos

Second Sopranos